Book 1 – Life Unraveled
    Free! PDF – Book 1
    Book 2 - The Rebellion
Book 3 – Escape 
Book 4 – Prophecy Fulfilled 
Book 5 – Dead Clade Walking
Book 6 – Life, Love and War (coming soon!)
Book 7 – The Dying Times (coming soon!)

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This series depicts real characters that inspire readers to examine their own lives. Sometimes the characters are admirable. ...Sometimes they are despicable. In either case, they will be wrapped within complex, unpredictable plot lines intending to make readers think, smile, and feel intrigued.

"The Secret Life of Mindy T. Barnes" series contains many uses of an original font created by the author called the New Tessinian Font. The font contains 44 symbols and Mindy's handwriting. It is available to fans for to download to their own computers.

Installing the New Tessinian Font onto Your Computer
(These instructions are in the Free! Ebook)

1) Click on the link for “New Tessinian Font,” 
2) Click on "Save File" 
3) Follow the installation instructions on your computer. 

(Afterwards, the font will appear as a choice in your list of fonts.) 
General Instructions 

In order to use your font, you need to install it. Installing a font makes the font available to all applications (including but not limited to most word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and graphic design programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) on your computer.

Note: Some programs require a restart for the new font to be available.

Windows 7 font installation instructions
  • Double-click your font file
  • Click the Install button

Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 98, 95) font installation instructions
  • Open "Control Panel" (under Start->Settings)
  • Double-click "Fonts" category
  • Select "Install New Font..." from File menu
  • Browse to the location you placed the font file
  • Select "Your font (TrueType)" from the window
  • Click the Ok button

Macintosh font installation instructions (Mac OS X)
  • Locate your font file in the Finder
  • Double-click the font file icon
  • Font Book should display the font
  • Click the Install button

Note: In order to make use of the newly installed font, some applications require you to reboot your Mac.

Linux font installation instructions
  • Find out the default font installation directory (usually /usr/share/fonts/truetype/)
  • Copy the font file to that directory
  • Rebuild the font folder index
  • Update the font cache (e.g. fc-cache)

Note: Some of the above instructions may require root privileges. Font installation may vary per Linux distribution.

7-book series 

Sci-fi/adventure, young adult series featuring... a strong female lead with super-hero abilities, her handsome yet enigmatic male counterpart, and a character of unparalleled evil. 

There are worlds with fantastical environments, prophecies to unravel, a plague, a war, secret societies, an intriguing complex storyline (where danger is always lurking) - and an undercurrent of 
out-of-this-world romance!
New Tessinian Font
Download instructions are below and in the Free! Ebook

Included in the Ebook:

New Tessinian Symbol Decoder
History and Evolution of the New Tessinian Symbols
Symbols That Have Changed in Meaning with Mindy’s Leadership
Installing the New Tessinian Font on Your Computer
How to Post a Message in the New Tessinian Font

Book 1 - "Life Unraveled," the New Tessinian Font and the Decoder Ebook are my gifts to you! Enjoy my newest series – and, please let me know what you think about Mindy’s adventures.”